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A.J. North, 

Happy Event Firming Cream's formula of natural ingredients help you to achieve your skin's natural beauty.

Happy Event Firming Cream is a unique formula that works to revitalise your skin by toning and reducing the appearance of stretchmarks. 

Natural ingredients that are gentle on skin, like Pink Pepperslim, Centella Extract and Collaplus aid with firming, improving elasticity and skin restoration.  

The skin is moisturised and softened by Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Sodium Hyaluronate, ingredients that have been used for generations to achieve skin's softness and radiance.

Apply a generous amount of Happy Event Firming Cream to problem areas and massage evenly for best results.

Variants: Cream

Packsize: 125ml

Packs per shipper: 6 units per shrink, 2 x 6 per outer carton

Contact: Larry Friedman

Phone: 011-680-5210


Head Office: P.O. Box 716 Cape Town 8000

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