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Eating well on the move has just become a whole lot easier 

One of the challenges of today’s busy lifestyles is finding the time to eat three healthy meals a day. The temptation of nutrient-poor, convenience snacks and drinks to keep us going throughout the day often wins.

To help people get quick but healthy meal replacements the McNab’s Energy company has created SuperCharge Energy Meal as part of it’s TheEnergy To Be Me range. It’s naturally flavoured with cocoa and vanilla and can be mixed with water or milk into a shake or porridge and is therefore perfect for people on the go who need a nutritious energy boost. Made with plant protein and multi-grains this high-fibre, low GI meal supplement ensures the steady release of energy over many hours. The key vitamins and minerals needed to convert food into energy and reduce fatigue have also been added for optimum mental and physical performance. And for nature’s extra insurance, Siberian ginseng, a herbal tonic, and cinnamon, which helps to stablilise blood sugar levels, have been included.

The meal supplement is wheat free, vegan friendly and does not contain any GMs, artificial flavourants, colourants or preservatives.

The McNab’s The Energy To Be Me range includes the following products in addition to SuperCharge Energy Meal: SuperCharge Energy Tabs; SuperCharge Energy Shots (Guarana berry, ginger and lemon zest); SuperCharge Energy Fizz; SuperCharge Energy Drink (original, lite and caffeine-free); SuperChill Energy Tabs; SuperChill Energy Relaxation Drink; SuperGuard Energy Tabs and Super Eve Energy (Hormone Helper).

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