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Meet the MT65 Beluga V

Newland EMEA, one of the leading companies in the AIDC industry, has released an upgraded version of the MT65 Beluga V mobile computer. The MT65 Beluga V is a versatile device suitable for many industries, including retail, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare. Designed to ensure quick data processing, increase workflow productivity, and simplify operations, MT65 Beluga V can back you up on your daily challenges.

Following the same design as its’ predecessor, the MT65 Beluga V has updated its core performance features. The enhanced 2.0 GHz processor, Android 11 GMS, Bluetooth 5.0, 4G, and dual-band Wi-Fi guarantee better performance, faster data transmission, and improved connectivity.

The Beluga Series has long proved its reliability and excellent performance. Equipped with Newland's 2D megapixel scan engine, the MT65 Beluga V keeps maintaining this reputation. The higher resolution means small barcodes can be read from a longer distance, while the embedded Acuscan technology allows scanning of even closely placed barcodes, ensuring high precision and accuracy. The MT65 Beluga V provides up to 10 hours of battery life, guaranteeing to last an entire shift for standard applications. If the operations require more prolonged scanning cycles, a replaceable battery and charging cradle with an extra battery slot are available. They ensure employees can easily swap the battery and continue scanning without forced breaks or interruptions.

Based on Android 11, the MT65 Beluga V is an Android Enterprise Recommended device, meaning it meets Google’s strict requirements both in hardware and software. The pre-installed Google Mobile Services (GMS) offer integrated Google applications such as Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Play Store, making the device familiar and user-friendly.

The MT65 Beluga V Mobile Computer is a trustworthy solution for various applications, including transportation, express delivery services, warehouse and inventory management, retail chains, and traceability in healthcare and manufacturing. Built to be extra-rugged, the MT65 Beluga V has an IP65 rating and withstands 1.2m drops to concrete, allowing it to operate in even very harsh environments.

At the same time, the device is comfortable to use. With it’s megapixel scan engine set at an angle, the MT65 Beluga V ensures the screen and keypad remain visible to the operator, even when scanning codes above shoulder height. Equipped with both a touchscreen and a 30-key keypad, the mobile computer allows the user to be flexible with the data input and to even work in gloves during colder operating temperatures.

On a final note, the newly upgraded MT65 Beluga V is a versatile mobile computer with solid performance. It’s a perfect device for data collection and processing applications in retail, hospitality, logistics, and healthcare industries.

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